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I, Jesse Keegan, the company owner will remain the single point of contact through the entire job. I am an experienced, Solar PV installing electrical contractor — not a salesmen who will disappear once the contract is signed.  You are dealing with the company owner, not an employee, not a subcontractor and not a marketer salesman.


Keegan Electric Solar can design and install a Solar PV system to suit your electrical needs. I will provide my customers a comprehensive understanding …

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Electrical Panel Upgrades

Keegan Electric Solar is your Electrical Panel Upgrades & Repair Expert The advantages of updating your current electrical panel to a new 200amp …

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Products Keegan Electric Solar, uses: LG NeON™ 2 is the brand-new n-type module featuring world class level of power output with Cello …

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I am a California C-10 Licensed Electrician. This means I can do your Solar PV system and upgrade your electrical panel. Most solar companies are not electrical contractors and have to sub out the electrical panel upgrades to a 3rd party. This use of a 3rd party increases your overall costs for your solar installation.
Keegan Electric Solar

offers 25 year warranted Turn key Solar systems

Keegan Electric Solar mainly installs LG panels, but will install many different brands of panels, even brands that are made in America. I will design and install the best panels for your particular application. All the panels I utilize have a 25 year warranty. The Enphase microinverters also carry a 25 year warranty, where as the usual string inverters only have a 10 year warranty. Which means your inverters will go out before your solar panels! Plus, solar batteries cannot be hooked up to solar systems that use a string inverter.

Some companies will charge you a premium price for panels but install a lower end Chinese panel.

By not having a salesman, receptionist, or telemarketers, my customers deal only with me from start to finish. I provide competively lower prices because I keep my company’s overall overhead low.

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Keegan Electric Solar, Inc

Keegan Electric Solar Inc., established in 2008 by Jesse Keegan, is a local and veteran owned company located in Santee, CA. Keegan Electric Solar provides Solar PV installations, and Electrical Panel upgrades. I provide top quality, reliable solar and electrical services for residential and commercial properties.
I have been an electrician in San Diego and the surrounding areas since 1999. I strive to provide my customers with outstanding solar and electrical services.
My goal is to give the customer complete satisfaction upon completion of my solar or electrical work. No matter how big or small the job.
“From start to finish let us take care of the whole process. I will personally provide hands on every project. I want to make sure my customers are completely satisfied with their new System. Give Keegan Electric Solar a call today at 619-742-8376.” Jesse Keegan


John N.

Jesse Keegan of Keegan Electric Solar is a true professional. Besides the fact his costs are way below the other Solar scammers, his workmanship is spot on. No goofy conduit pipes showing on the roof, and all the penetrations through the roof are weatherproofed correctly….no leaks! Done and passed inspection within three days. He communicated the entire process effectively that I had no questions, and I can physically see the electric production on my smartphone. Baboom! All my neighbors sulking as they were duped into an more expensive system almost half my size. Thank you!


A solar system is a big investment so it’s important to first understand what’s involved and then get it done right. Keegan Electric Solar (Jesse Keegan, owner) was the only solar company where I got to sit down with a certified electrician (Jesse) and get on the spot answers about the best solar system for our family. All my questions about our present as well as future solar electric needs were answered by Jesse who then designed and personally installed my system… all for a very competitive price. What more could I ask for?No aggressive sales people, no hype, no “I’ll get back to you”. After many other solar companies, the decision was a no brainer. Thank you, Jesse for my state-of-the-art, beautifully designed solar system. Hasta la vista SDG&E!

Arthur R.

I had several solar contractors visit my home to provide me a quote. All of them gave me the impression I was about to buy snake oil and receive a free reconditioned iPad. I had all but given up on the solar dream and was prepared to surrender to the almighty evil SDG&E for all eternity. Then my beautiful wife, my savior from all the evil in the world presented me with an ad in a local paper. Could this be it. I called the number. Jessie Keegan, owner and operator answered. No call service. No answering machine. No voicemail. No automated service. A actual live person who answers the phone. 1 point for Keegan. We made the appointment for his initial visit. He was there, on time. Another point for Keegan. Great job Jessie and to your crew as well. My faith in high standards in work ethic and integrity has been restored.

Jim A.

You want solar, you know it is the smart move to get solar but the salesmen just turn you completely off. Give Jesse a call, he is on time, courteous and very knowledgable on solar, what to buy, how many panels, what part of the roof to install. From the conception of what I needed to telling us to “turn the breaker”on Jesse has been there. Come visit my house if you need a face to face recommendation or to look at his work. Trust me, give Jesse a call and forget the rest he is the best!

Mark K.

Jesse Keegan recently installed a 6 KW solar system using LG panels and Enphase microinverters and am very pleased with both the speed of completion of the project and the quality of the installation. Jesse is professional, courteous, on-time, reliable, provides frequent status updates and pays meticulous attention to details on the job. His support team for roofing, stucco and drywall repairs are all excellent. He is one of few solar contractors with special expertise in micro-inverter systems that offer some advantages over traditional single-inverter systems. His rates are very reasonable. I elected to have an electrical panel upgrade done in conjunction with the solar system installation.

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If you have any questions or need a quote, please call 619-742-8376 or if you would like to fill out the form below we will get back to you as soon as possible:

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“From start to finish let us take care of the whole process. I will personally provide hands on every project. I want to make sure my customers are completely satisfied with their new System.” Jesse Keegan

We offer complete Electrical panel upgrade and PV systems

We’ll install a new PV rated Electrical panel, design a 25year warranted turn key system, take care of all plans and permits. Get you enrolled in Netmetering , set up the Enphase per panel monitoring for you. Let us help to start zeroing out your bill today


Keegan Electric Solar is a local and veteran owned company in Santee, CA. Providing Solar PV installations and Electrical Panel upgrades throughout the greater San Diego area.

Top quality solar and electrical services for residential and commercial properties.

You can count on Keegan Electric Solar!
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